Zakat Calculation Form

List of Assets on which Zakat is Applicable:
Name / Description of Assets Basis of Calculation Calculated Amount
Ornaments made of pure Gold/ Silver/ Guinea gold / Guinea coin/ Bar Current Market Value
Ornaments of mixed Gold/ Silver/ Perl Current Market Value of either Gold or Silver
Plot / Land/ Real Estate for business purpose Current Market Value
Flat / House other than self occupied one Current Market Value
Vehicles:Rickshaw,Taxi,Lorry, Bus,Truck,Ships/ Boats transport business Net Profit (Annual income-less Expenses) if kept in Savings
Prizebond Current Market Value
Insurance (personal or for dependent persons) Current Market Value of total premium paid
DPS / Savings for Self or for dependent person Total amount of Savings
Various type of Debencher Purchase Price
Bond Purchase Price
Term Deposits / Amanat Total amount of Savings
Equity share of any Company ( Listed or Unlisted) Present market value
Value of Share/ Investment in any Business Venture Current Market Value
Foreign investments on which Zakat is applicable Current Market Value
Cash in hand at Bank Total amount
Savings account deposit balance Balance of specific date
Current Account balance Balance of specific date
Stock Raw Materials/ Work in progress/ Finished Goods or Products Purchase price of raw materials / Cost of Goods/ Products
Stock of Birds in Poultry/ Duckery Current Market Value
Live Stocks in Firms of Cow/ Buffelo/ Goat/ Ram/ Horse/ Camel/ Dumba Current Market Value
Stock of Fishes in Fishery Firm Current Market Value
Zakat paid in advance for particular Luner Year Amount paid
Loans / Accounts Receivables Total amount (other than bad & doubtful Loans)
------------------------------------ Total of amount of Assets on which Zakat is Applicable (aaa) :

List of Items Exampted from Zakat:
Description of the Asset/ Wealth Amount of debt Calculated Amount
Personnal Loan from bank or institution Total amount of Loan
Current Loan/ Liabilities / Installment Payables Total amount payable
Loan/Debt/ Karje Hassana from any person Total amount payable
Unpaid amount of Muhrana (on which wife has Demand) Total amount payable
Outstanding Utility Bills/ Land taxes/ City corporation tax Total amount payable
Salary of stuffs Payable / Arrears of Madrasa/ school/ college fees of childrens Total amount payable
------------------------------------ Total amount Exempted from Zakat (bbb) :

Ushor and specific Zakat on animal/ Live Stocks:
Description of the crop and animal Determination of Ushor / Zakat Calculated Amount
Fruits/ Crops cultivated in natural system ( without any investment for cultivation) One-tenth (1/10) of the net received crop or equavalent price
Fruits/ Crops cultivated in modern system ( with investment for cultivation) One-twenteeth of the net received crop or equavalent price
Saema (animal freely grazing in the field) For 30 or more Cows of buffelos 1 (1 yr old) for 30 Cow or 1 (2 yr old) for 40 every Cow/ Buffeloes
Saema (animal freely grazing in the field) For 40 Sheeps and Goats 1 (1 yr old) for up to 120 nos, 2 for 121nos., 3 for 201 nos., 4 for 400nos and for above 400 ,1(one) for every 100 nos. or equivalent price
If someone has domestic animals, birds etc. One-twentieth of the net income(of the domestic animals or birds) or equivalent price
------------------------------------ Ushor and specific Zakat on animal/ Live Stocks (ccc) :
Zakat Calculation Process :
The value of wealth suitable for Zakat = aaa-bbb = R
If the value of R is equal to or more than the value of 610.4651gm(52.5 tola) of silver then the Zakat has to be given at the rate of 2.5%
The amount of Zakat, T = (2.5 X R) /100
The amount of Ushor and Zakat on animal = ccc

Total calculated amount of Zakat of the concerned Lunar year, Z= (T+ccc)